Misasa Chairman 2013 Resigns

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Re: Misasa Chairman 2013 Resigns

Postby Alasdair » Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:56 pm

I have read with interest the email sent to all of us as well as the posts above. I have been flying trikes for some 15 years and been a member for that time.
I have never had cause to complain about our committee of volunteers. (Yes it would have been great to have had a magazine issued more regulary) but I fully understand the pressures of time, particulalry, and money placed on volunteers committee members.
Certainly there are always three sides to a story - yours, mine and the truth - but from what I read it would appear that we are dealing with a relatively autocratic gentleman who puts his pedastal before that of those he has undertaken to serve.
I too am an accoutant and read Alan's response, and if a man of his integrity and level of professional insight is happy with the nature of the accounting of MISASA - then so am I. Of course Good Governance and Transparency are the order of the day - and this aspect must be remembered at all times.
All said and done - the old guard would appear to have not only done their best, but been very successful at leading MISASA over the last number of years - yes new blood is great - but not at the expense of all the good that has gone before!
Donald, JB, Alan and the rest of the crew - we have not had the pleasure of meeting - but you have my support!

Alasdair McDonald
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Re: Misasa Chairman 2013 Resigns

Postby Bundy » Thu Feb 28, 2013 3:24 pm

Thank you for your comments Alisdair,

I will pass them on to the entire Committee.

Alan "Bundy" Hussey
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