Western Cape Gyro pilots or Interested Parties

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Western Cape Gyro pilots or Interested Parties

Postby Jabbanaught » Thu Jan 05, 2017 11:48 am

Well let start with Happy New Year and very glad I did not hear of any incidents or accidents the festive season.

I have gotten myself into doing events for Gyros in Western Cape again (WHY OH WHY , LOL), and will attempt the Annual migration as well.

Guys I cannot do it without information , so here my request .

Instructors , schools and individuals , with the permission of your students and individuals please send me a email , so that I can start a database to communicate with the gyro community .

Yes I know we have the SAGPA database but if you are interested in gyro's or want to get involved with the sport please send me a mail.

Western Cape guys , we will try do something once a month , yes a big ask , but lets try .

The email address to send the following details Gyros2017@gmail.com

Cell Number
Birth Date
Where do you live
Closest airfield to you

Paul Roux
Autogyro - Calidus ZU- ???
Magni M22 - ZU EGA

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