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Woohoo 100 posts - flying high
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Off to Namibia

Postby Steve_SP » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:47 am


Two recent cancellations from the ZU register in October both sold as exported to Namibia - ie "V5-......"

previously ZU-RES Calidus c/n ZA 09 C01 - Exported to Namibia - "V5-......"

previously ZU-RFM ELA-07 c/n 12092780724 - Exported to Namibia - "V5-....."

If anybody knows the new "V5-...." registrations for these two machines then I'd love to hear - thank you.

I have emailed the Namibian CAA several times with queries about gyros on the "V5-..." register but no joy from them to date!



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