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Marc G
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Passed radio course
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Re: Johannesburg Flying Academy

Postby Marc G » Tue Oct 02, 2012 7:27 pm

Hi Guys,

Our new website is online! Check it out (still some sections under construction, but looking good!)... . Please note that our contact email address is for now.

Our latest edition to the JHB Flying Academy hangar is ZU-FUD... a brand new Sling 2. ZU-FKJ has reached 1200hrs, and will soon be going to a new home. Her replacement is scheduled for her maiden flight early November.

We are running a promotion on the Slings (LSA and PPL) until the end of 2012... R1100/hr training rate wet with instructor), and hire and fly at R900/hr (if you buy 10hrs or more). We now offer training from weighshift controlled microlight all the way through LSA, PPL, Night Ratings, IF ratings and CPL.

Check out our website for more info and pics...


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Re: Johannesburg Flying Academy

Postby Fatfrank » Mon Sep 14, 2015 10:33 am

I have a mate that lives out of the country that would like to do his Micro license.

I know it is a bit like a piece of string but can someone advise as to how long it would take and what would the cost be.

I am a PPL with N/R (+ 350 hrs) and might also want to do it, advice please.

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